Boys who are lucky enough to have parents around, should benefit from the protection of those parents. Living in “Daddy’s House” is a blessing, as it protects us from the harsh realities of the world around us. Should a thug go on a rampage, they would know better that to mess with our Dad… Maybe it’s time to grow up and be independent.

However, Daddy’s House is far more than the bricks and mortar presided over by our paternal parent. Daddy’s House encompasses all of the structures that provide us with protection from the harsh realities of the world.

As children are shielded from the most brutal and disturbing aspects of life, so are all of us protected by the society in which we live. To a greater or lesser extent. This is certainly the case in the West, where most people live in a delusional bubble of safety.

The Western Delusion of Freedom – time to grow up

But living in this delusion has a cost. Every time you take money from the wellfare state, you lose something. Every time you eat from a food bank, you lose something.

But also when you impulse buy something, or cave to a bad habit, or even accept an employed paycheck, you lose something.

What do you lose? You lose motivation to grow and learn. You lose your sense of worth. You lose your sense of who you are. You lose, you lose, you lose. You become more of the same – a machine, surrounded by machines, predictable and programmable. In short, you lose your freedom.

Personal Sovereignty – be independent

So what’s the alternative to this kind of slavery? Becoming Daddy. That can of course mean having kids and owning property. But more importantly, it’s about you challenging the status quo. Challenging your assumptions, beliefs, inherited values and the value of stories you’ve been told about how the world works.

Becoming Daddy, means thinking for yourself, gaining control of your resources – inner and outer – and making things happen in the world through your willing it to be so!

Time to grow up. If you would like to find out how, book a quick call to discuss how I can support your personal and professional growth.