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L. Krondorf
Over the course of one year, I have worked with David through a coaching relationship. His diligent and well-organized manner and material make it engaging to dive deep within oneself. The Noble’s Path is a beacon of hope for societies in decline. A gathering place for individuals aiming to better themselves and build lives that touch upon their surroundings with positivity and respectful leadership. I encourage everyone to join who aims higher than their peers.
T. McCarthy
Excellent guidance for men pursuing personal development
S. G
G. Olson
Purpose In Action Coaching was exactly what i needed to help get my life back on track with his personal support and also with a group of men who are on a similar path to find the best versions of themselves, I have personally found the brotherhood of fellow men men a great support and all guided by David to be the best out of us personally and as a group. Highly recommend Purpose In Action Coaching
A. Carmichael
David is an exceptional coach and mentor. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to re-evaluate their purpose in life or those struggling to get on top of life's many challenges, leaving you feeling lost or overwhelmed. After a long and successful career I had a 'year of hell' where numerous personal challenges all seemed to come at once, leaving me in a pretty bad place and without a sense of purpose. I started working with David after thinking 'I need to do something to get my life back on track'. David's well thought out methodology, his very personal approach and consistent focus helped me navigate my way through this on the path to becoming a better person, in control of my life. Using a number of techniques, including an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses, meditation, physical exercise, martial arts, plus a focus on building a strong moral foundation, David has ensured I'm back on the right path. Still lots of work to do but with David's help I am now in a much better place and can handle life's challenges. No longer am I just 'going with the flow'. I'm now beginning to own my decisions (amd consequences) and control the plan for my own future.
K. King
At a time when I was lost, confused and in need of guidance I met David. David was different from the other mentors I spoke with because he brought an alternative way of thinking that challenged my current thought process. This coupled with a further reading, spiritual and mystical thinking has provided me with a more wholistic look at life and this has enabled me to understand my life purpose. I am now more focussed, more spiritually connected and on the path of purpose. He is a great listener, knowledgeable and constantly adding more strings to your bow in a wholistic way.
R. Mawer
David has been all ears from day 1, takes time to make us think, listen and act on the things we need to repriorotise and cut out the background noise. Sometimes we need to ask for help, sometimes it's more than help we need. Thank you David for bring myself back to me
G. Rowbotham
David provided confidence and life skills coaching for 2 members of our team. He really helped both individuals to improve their confidence in different ways and customised the coaching to fit their individual needs. Both team members were also very pleased with David's empathic and encouraging approach. Would definitely recommend.
A. M
Definitely recommend David as a life coach and mentor. He helped me with having clarity in the direction of my business and my life goals. He regularly kept me accountable and honest with my progress towards these goals. David does not shy away from telling you what you need to hear and encouraging you to push yourself to achieve your desired objectives. David is also well versed in various areas so you're able to discuss anything with him.
G. Burrows
I have found David to have great integrity and to be a driving force in helping people and the world. David’s in depth thinking and coaching takes you beyond the mere opportunities of life and into a world where any of us can fulfil our inherent potential. Truly inspiring. Thank you David!
G. Mazur
I've contacted David around two years ago, when almost everything in my life felt wrong. With his help, I succeeded in changing my profession and leave the relationship in which I was not really happy. David has a great balance of teaching principles and mindsets versus tactics/techniques. His advice has really been a positive addition to my life. Thanks Coach
t. dykes
I have been working with David and his team for over an year now. The progress made since starting with them is incredible. I am so thankful for the time and effort everyone had put in, and the work pays off. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them
a. paintin
David has been a great help in getting me on track, he’s always there to give advice an a helping hand when needed. I’d point anyone in his direction
M. Pulna
David helped me gain the impetus to build my own trade business. It has been quite the challenge! I'm still learning a lot - including the need for patience and persistence - and can see that if I continue as I am, I will reach my goals. Thanks for all your help so far! Highly recommend!!
M. Pulna
David helped me gain the impetus to build my own trade business. It has been quite the challenge! I'm still learning a lot - including the need for patience and persistence - and can see that if I continue as I am, I will reach my goals. Thanks for all your help so far! Highly recommend!!
P. Crowley
I first reached out to David in June 2021 when I hit a tough time in my life. I was burnt out and suffering from depression and I’d lost my direction and motivation in life. I didn’t want to go down the route of counselling as I wanted someone to be positive and give me the tools to get my life back on track. David did this for me giving me tips and tools that I still use today both at home and in my career as a manager. I have winced passed these tips and tools onto members of my team to help them. Working with David was a great experience. He’s positive, knowledgable and really makes you think about what’s right for you and what you want in life. I can’t thank him enough for the help and assistance he gave me over our sessions. I would highly recommend.
M. Dawson
I started working with David during the first lockdown when I found myself working in an unfamiliar way, needing to get on with building my business without others around so much. This was difficult, but with a few good conversations and some organisational tools, I was able to make great progress. Thank you David for your support.
J. Wright
I contacted David 10 months ago to support me in creating clarity and direction in my life I felt I lacked. David's support has enabled me to become clearer in where I want to head in my life, as well as to make sense of what's currently going on around me to a greater degree. As a busy high level professional, it can be hard to fit all of the critical activities in, yet I feel more capable of doing that more than ever, with a greater sense of ease and fulfillment. Really appreciate your support, David.
Working with David has helped me in many aspects of my life. Confidence, vision, goals, management of personal/professional life, and many more help to grow as a person and achieve something in life. He is pushing you to do more, to think about the decisions that you want to make, to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the world, and to become what you are meant to be.Thank you David.
J. Hall
A life changing experience working with David.I have worked with him for the last 3 years and he has helped me work through some very challenging times, focusing on gaining clarity, understanding and perspective to all aspects of my life. I am the happiest and most successful that I have ever been, both in my personal and business life. I will continue working alongside David on a regular basis, and look forward to the challenges ahead.
S. Dickens
David was great from the first chat. Really spent time listening to a very complex mindset at the start. Through David guise, we were able to work together to give structure to the various elements of life and reduce things that don’t matter. As a result, there is clarity around what I want to achieve and gives me time in which to focus.
M. Hakmi
Really helpful, this course matured me alot. This course helped me clean my room and envaled me to max my credit score, which made easier to take larger loans from banks.
Positive: Professionalism
D. Murfet
David's help over the last five months has made a very noticeable change in my life. Before the Purpose In Action coaching I found myself getting by on the day to day however through David's mentoring we found that I could be doing so much more to make my time productive.By making little changes here and there throughout the weeks, we managed to consistently build up a schedule where time wasted was minimised. I use to have serious issues with motivation whether that even be for my hobbies or taking care of myself, and through the small changes day by day this became less of an issue as I was starting to see results.Following from the end of our sessions together, I now have a firm grasp on my schedule, financial stability and have plotted out long and short term goals for my own future with little daily tasks to get me there. I now understand the importance of daily and weekly self-reflection to see the progress and road blocks that I face.I cannot recommend David and the PIA team enough, for they have done more for me than anyone else has in many years. They have helped me stand on my own two feet and helped changed my thought process so I can work to achieve my goals with confidence.
e. kearney
Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality
e. kearney
X. Graham
My experience with the mentoring was beneficial and a great reboot on organising myself before things reopen (from lockdown). The structures made sense and were backed up by reliable support always. There was a good mix of it being self-paced but also sticking to a bigger time structure to ensure things were done. Overall good experience that helped me become more confident and at peace with where I'm at and where I can go.
D. Lenton
I would highly recommend David to anyone searching for life coaching. I got in touch with David in the first lockdown, looking for help to keep going and pushing new ideas in a time where everything looked bleak. David has helped me not only improve my mentality and health but in doing so gave me the courage to setup two businesses to achieve freedom and find fulfilment & happiness
J. Pfluger
David has the skill to listen without judgement and during a time when my conversation reflected the chaos of my mind he was able to discipher, discern and offer me the tools to create order. Purpose in Action is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I found in David's guidence, advice and motivation. My experience is that he is both kind and firm, understanding but direct. I always felt that he believed in my ability to succeed and through his encouragement I was able to achieve more and feel better in myself both mentally and physically. Of course, as with anything in life, you'll only get out what you are willing to put in, but if you are willing to commit to the knowledge and wisdom that David has to offer with Purpose in Action, I truly believe that you can totally unlock your unlimited potential. He's helped me massively since the first Covid lockdown to rediscover who I am and what I have to offer. This means that whatever external factors may change I now have the self knowledge, self discipline and flexibility to deal with the unexpected. An honest, authentic and transformative process that continues. Thanks David.
J. Uwadia
Working with David was one of the best things since late last year. Ever since I took his course (Purpose in Action) coaching and mentoring I started to become much more proactive in my time, productive and getting more things done as well as balancing it out with family time and my own leisure. I've also drastically improved in my finances as he helped me find methods in controlling my money management.
J. Stanley
Working with David has allowed me to make huge steps towards becoming a better person. He's been there, supporting me from day one, challenging me, pushing me to improve day after day. He's allowed me to find new perspectives on my work and lifestyle. I have developed areas of my life that I never knew needed to be addressed and improved
R. Powell
Positive: Professionalism
S. Kershaw
David has a wealth of knowledge about setting up and running a business, which he imparts through leading and supporting you through a well devised programme of self-discovery and self-learning. If you choose to work with him, expect to be inspired, challenged and held to account. More importantly, as long as you fully commit, you will embark on a journey which explores so much more than your immediate goals and which will enable you to discover new purpose, direction, clarity and growth in your life. He is an ideal tonic to help navigate the chaos in the world today.
F. Pit
Working with David has helped me to put things in perspective. He provides a viewpoint that is not found in the mainstreamand helps me in getting to the root of problems by finding out if the problem is external or coming about due to internal resistance.
From my sessions with David, I have realised that I need a purpose and also he helped me get into better routines. Now I feel on the right track 👍
P. Parmar
F. Okewo
S. Warren
Working with David really helped me get free of a depressive malaise. It took him having a few strong words with me, but we got there in the end. Highly recommend working with David, but don't expect an easy ride.
T. Inner
David is a god send. He helped me to sort through the chaos of projects I was working on and set up my business to be more effective. Using some great cutting edge technologies and tried and tested methods of effectiveness, I felt well taken care of and have seen big positive progress and reduction of stress from Dave’s help.His pragmatic approach and advice on project management really helped me to get thing done. I would recommend anyone looking to get organized and effective with your lifestyle and business, do some work with Dave.
C. Inman
It's very rare that someone is able to help me see something differently. So it was much to my surprise when David did that. He introduced to me to some interesting ideas and people, helping me move forward personally and professionally. Thank you.
K. Latham
I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation. Onwards and upwards from here! Thanks everyone.
C. Nightingale
David is a rare jem! He brings such a down to earth approach to what can seem a daunting tangled mess. He guides gently and steadily to the places I try to hide from myself, and then probes fearlessly until I crack. Still then he’s there to hold and encourage until the illumination inherent in my blind spots come into view.A course of sessions with David is not an easy ride, but a very fruitful one.Practically, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in systems and organisational tools that have helped me to focus on the real work I do, knowing that everything is running smoothly in the background.
K. Stedman
David is a an absolute master of network-weaving and a magnet for engaged, interesting people. After just a few online discussions and attending the September event, I’ve found connections and collaborations worth moving to the opposite side of the world for, and am now setting the wheels in motion to do just that. Thank you David … and everyone!
I. Altosaar
I worked with David through a particularly challenging period. If it weren't for his reflections and re-framing of my experience into something constructive, I would have easily felt like I was making little progress and reduced my efforts. But being held accountable has enabled me to remain committed to making substantial progress. I can now reflect that I have much improved health and a more secure home situation. I am also closer to running my own business than ever - through the variety of people I've met and events I've attended as a result of working with David. Thank you for your support, David.
P. Barker
During our session, something inside me clicked, and afterwards I felt quite different. Thank you, David.
B. Gribble
My life is changed since working with David. I came to him wanting business support but soon realised that I had some other work to do before that would be possible. My confidence is soaring as I am now in the position to support and lead people to improve their own lives. I've realised where my greater potential lies. Very exciting times! Thanks David
G. Beegan
Working with David has been invaluable in evolving my professional calling from a one woman show into an organisation. He's been with me every step of the way - supporting me, guiding me, and even challenging me when needed. I find David's perspectives on work and life illuminating, and he has a deep well of ideas and insights that can unlock new potentials.
J. Roper
David offers very authentic and down to earth guidance. He's helped me overcome many sticking points and revealed blind spots in a way that was both fourthright (😉) and understanding. Great at listening to your needs and imparting knowledge that best suites your own personal journey, in all areas of life.
J. Larsen
David takes enormous care to listen and get to know you in depth. His advise is life changing. He holds you to account, but is also flexible enough to adapt with you as your purpose in life becomes clear. David is brilliant at challenging you and guiding you from the early stages of development all the way through to the advanced. And he's a wonderful man too.
T. Clayton
David's wise guidance, support, processes and tools helped me to get clear on how to create and set up my own business. I wanted my business to provide value and meaning to my life, not detract from it and I found myself unraveling what it is to unfold a life of purpose. His coaching is truly leading edge and just what many people are really looking for right now.

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