Two Million Men & the Map to Personal Sovereignty

The past two years have been – as ever with me – a time to reflect on the world, what could be improved about it and perhaps even find some ways to improve it. I have – for the most part – not been surprised by the corruption, greed, incompetence, injustice and ignorance of the world this past two years. These are normal. They live in us all. But they become particularly sinister when there is a lack of awareness or a justification of these human weaknesses.

So what can be done to put things right in the world? The solution has always been the withdrawal of power from the traditional power structures.

But where does that power need to go? To individuals – those who can handle the power responsibly. Seems a tall order in this day and age eh… But I continue to grind away at how to bring this about nonetheless.

The way to sovereignty

Since 2010 I’ve been trying to “sort the world out” in my own particular way. The results of starting various projects, businesses and much cross-domain study is what I’ve begun presenting as the Map to Personal Sovereignty. It’s a model for masculine development in relationship with the social world – the economic, political and cultural realities that we all face day-to-day.

It’s turning into a suggestion for how we can structure our society and I’m not kidding myself – this is likely more than a lifetime’s work. I’ve not yet found myself – nor may I ever – speaking to the role and development of women. But of course this will need to be – and perhaps is being – addressed by someone somewhere sometime.

The need for Elders

The ultimate goal with the Map to Personal Sovereignty is for men to once again become Elders. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever met one. Perhaps they’ve not been around for thousands of years. I would think them a myth, like the wizards or Ents of Tolkien’s world, if I had not studied some history. It seems that when Christianity came along, pagan rites were abolished and with them a large portion of the elders’ duties. This was the beginning of the end for the elders of our ancient culture.

I theorise that if they were around these days, you would feel a stronger sense of collective identity within your culture (whilst respecting others’ cultures), as well as a stronger sense of who you are and how you can uniquely contribute to that culture. You would know where to turn for resources to implement good ideas and where to go when you need help dealing with inter-personal conflict. Elders enable all of this. What a great loss it is for them to be absent.

Sovereign leaders: reclaiming the Patriarch

It’s a lofty stage of development to be sure and if men are to reach it they must travel through various others – properly integrating the Boy and the Man en-route to a stage that requires us to reclaim a somewhat tarnished word – Patriarch. These – to me – are strong, balanced leaders who lead with the consent and at the request of those who follow.

We need more men like this. Not the children in adult suits who currently pull the strings of global affairs. Nor the virtue-signalling fools who vote them into power. I’ve come to the conclusion – with the help of some rough maths – that the next major step toward a better society would be the emergence of two million sovereign leaders – Patriarchs. I’ll say more about Two Million Men elsewhere. Then, maybe then, we might have a shot at re-establishing the elders layer of the West.

Learn more

You can read some angles on this model over on my blog. Read more here. There’s also an older version of my presentation on the MtPS on my website. A new one is coming soon, but if you want to learn more now, watch the presentation here.

For now, I wish you well and offer some other opportunities to engage with my world – including a free money management tool and course.