Owning property is an essential for any man who seeks to be sovereign.

Some say that property ties us down, as if that’s a bad thing.

But to be “tied down” is to be grounded. Seeing this as a bad thing is a sign of a juvenile, or regressive mindset. It is true that our history saw people’s migrating as a matter of course. However, we (should) have evolved beyond that now.

With settling, came new challenges, but new possibilities also. Whilst we were arguably “free” as nomads, the true meaning of freedom cannot be fully comprehended (and then felt and lived authentically) without thoroughly understanding the opposite – Limitation.

Owning property is a form of self limitation

Limitation is a fact of life. Whilst our thoughts, feelings and inspirations run faster than light, the material world moves slowly. I might want to look like Mr Universe, but I have to take the time to built the musculature. I might want to build the most perfect house, but I have to work (one way or another) over a period of time to make the money to pay for the house, or gather materials and take the time to build it myself.

You are encased in flesh. The limitations of You are clear. Embrace this fact, reduce your choices, and soon you will find yourself excelling down a more specific and suitable track.

This is not to say that freedom and adventure are not appropriate for some people. But it is for far fewer people than we would imagine. Make sure you KNOW it’s right for you…

Feeling at home in a place

But far from being an awful, but necessary lesson (limitation), much good can come from being anchored to a place. A relationship can be built with a piece of land, which goes deeper than a mere easeful familiarity. Since only 10% of the DNA in our body is human (the rest belongs to micro-organisms – picked up day-to-day), in some sense we actually start to become the land (and the people and animals) around us. Could this be a form of family? No wonder we feel at home after we’ve been in a place for a while, assuming we haven’t decimated the microbiology in and outside of our bodies with anti-microbial cleaning products and foods doused in life killing chemicals.

We can see from this – perhaps – how degraded a situation our transient society is. People move jobs, move homes and move away from their support networks far too often. There’s no stability.

Men and Owning Property

But there’s a more conventional slant on owning property that I don’t wish to neglect. To really feel a sense of owning property, one must have earned it. To know that you have worked, facing limitation consistently, to the point of being able to provide comfort and protection for your family, generates an enormous amount of self worth.

For those who have – or wish to have – children – the familiarity with a home creates a sense of security and safety in the little ones who carry that into their lives to become stronger, more stable individuals.

So ignore the fools telling you to remain free and unanchored. Perhaps freedom can only be found and understood through limitation.

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