Frequently asked questions

1. What is Purpose In Action’s Men’s Life Coaching?

Purpose In Action’s Men’s Life Coaching is a transformative journey blending ancient wisdom from philosophers like Socrates and Plato with modern leadership techniques. It focuses on personal growth, emotional intelligence, and societal betterment, aiming to empower men in finding and pursuing their unique paths for a lasting impact on their life and legacy​​​​.

2. How does the coaching process work?

Our coaching process evolves with our clients, from establishing strong foundations in early manhood to achieving profound insights in later years. We emphasize personal development and societal contribution, preparing men for dynamic leadership roles through a tailored approach that encompasses all life stages​​.

3. What unique approach does Purpose In Action Coaching use?

We use a holistic approach that encompasses a full spectrum of life’s challenges and opportunities. Our method combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge leadership techniques, ensuring a unique path to personal and professional fulfillment​​.

4. Who typically seeks life coaching for men?

Men who want to improve their self-identity, fulfillment, purpose, and balance in life often seek our coaching. This includes those facing challenges and needs specific to a man’s life experiences, such as navigating traditional gender expectations and achieving personal and professional goals​​.

5. What are the common areas of focus in men’s life coaching?

Common focus areas include exploring identity and fulfillment, strengthening relationships, emotional support, and practical solutions for future-oriented improvements. We help men unpack emotions, adjust behaviors, and develop healthier communication patterns, all aimed at achieving greater clarity and confidence​​.

6. How is life coaching different from therapy?

Life coaching is more future-focused, helping to create and achieve future aspirations. It’s distinct from therapy, which tends to focus more on mental health and the past. Our coaching is about moving forward and is not a replacement for professional psychological help​​​​.

7. Can life coaching be done remotely or face-to-face?

While we prioritize in-person interactions for a more connected experience, we also offer remote sessions without any compromise on the quality of the coaching provided​​.

8. Are the coaches qualified and experienced?

Yes, our coaches are highly qualified and experienced, blending rich life experiences with professional training in various coaching methodologies and personal development work​​.

9. What is the pricing structure for the coaching services?

We offer different packages tailored to the number of sessions required and the specific goals of each client​. One to one session prices start from £770 per quarter. Group packages start from £250 per quarter.

10. Can life coaching benefit someone I know?

Yes, life coaching can be beneficial for others. However, it’s important that the individual is willing and ready for coaching. We can only work effectively with clients who are open to and engaged in the coaching process​​.