Jean-Paul P. Avatar
Jean-Paul P.

David has the skill to listen without judgement and during a time when my conversation reflected the chaos of my mind he was able to discipher, discern and offer me the tools to create order.... read more

Jacob S. Avatar
Jacob S.

Working with David has allowed me to make huge steps towards becoming a better person. He's been there, supporting me from day one, challenging me, pushing me to improve day after day. He's allowed me... read more

Charles I. Avatar
Charles I.

It's very rare that someone is able to help me see something differently. So it was much to my surprise when David did that. He introduced to me to some interesting ideas and people, helping... read more

James R. Avatar
James R.

David offers very authentic and down to earth guidance. He's helped me overcome many sticking points and revealed blind spots in a way that was both fourthright (?) and understanding. Great at listening to your... read more

Josephine L. Avatar
Josephine L.

David takes enormous care to listen and get to know you in depth. His advise is life changing. He holds you to account, but is also flexible enough to adapt with you as your purpose... read more

Gavin H. Avatar
Gavin H.

David's guidance has changed my life quite literally. He has a profound ability to make sense of life. Throughout my 38 years I have never had a sense of direction or self worth and within... read more

Teri C. Avatar
Teri C.

David's wise guidance, support, processes and tools helped me to get clear on how to create and set up my own business. I wanted my business to provide value and meaning to my life, not... read more

Feta P. Avatar
Feta P.

Working with David has helped me to put things in perspective. He provides a viewpoint that is not found in the mainstreamand helps me in getting to the root of problems by finding out if... read more

Donovan M. Avatar
Donovan M.

David's help over the last five months has made a very noticeable change in my life. Before the Purpose In Action coaching I found myself getting by on the day to day however through David's... read more

Junior U. Avatar
Junior U.

Working with David was one of the best things since late last year. Ever since I took his course (Purpose in Action) coaching and mentoring I started to become much more proactive in my... read more

supernovaxe Avatar

From my sessions with David, I have realised that I need a purpose and also he helped me get into better routines. Now I feel on the right track ?

Anna-Marie S. Avatar
Anna-Marie S.

David is an exceptional coach. He cuts straight through to the core stuff. I have seen my creativity come alive with his insights and would recommend his guidance wholeheartedly.

Cat N. Avatar
Cat N.

David is a rare jem! He brings such a down to earth approach to what can seem a daunting tangled mess. He guides gently and steadily to the places I try to hide from myself,... read more

Ian A. Avatar
Ian A.

I worked with David through a particularly challenging period. If it weren't for his reflections and re-framing of my experience into something constructive, I would have easily felt like I was making little progress and... read more

Kylie S. Avatar
Kylie S.

David is a an absolute master of network-weaving and a magnet for engaged, interesting people. After just a few online discussions and attending the September event, I’ve found connections and collaborations worth moving to the... read more

Gayatri C. Avatar
Gayatri C.

Working with David has been invaluable in evolving my professional calling from a one woman show into an organisation. He's been with me every step of the way - supporting me, guiding me, and even... read more

Daniel L. Avatar
Daniel L.

I would highly recommend David to anyone searching for life coaching. I got in touch with David in the first lockdown, looking for help to keep going and pushing new ideas in a time where... read more

Brett G. Avatar
Brett G.

My life is changed since working with David. I came to him wanting business support but soon realised that I had some other work to do before that would be possible. My confidence is soaring... read more

Xavier G. Avatar
Xavier G.

My experience with the mentoring was beneficial and a great reboot on organising myself before things reopen (from lockdown). The structures made sense and were backed up by reliable support always. There was a good... read more

The I. Avatar
The I.

David is a god send. He helped me to sort through the chaos of projects I was working on and set up my business to be more effective. Using some great cutting edge technologies and... read more

Paul B. Avatar
Paul B.

During our session, something inside me clicked, and afterwards I felt quite different. Thank you, David.

Simon K. Avatar
Simon K.

David has a wealth of knowledge about setting up and running a business, which he imparts through leading and supporting you through a well devised programme of self-discovery and self-learning. If you choose to work... read more

Selwyn W. Avatar
Selwyn W.

Working with David really helped me get free of a depressive malaise. It took him having a few strong words with me, but we got there in the end. Highly recommend working with David, but... read more

Kevin L. Avatar
Kevin L.

I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation. Onwards and upwards from here! Thanks everyone.