We’ve all had times of financially hardship. We should be able to testify to the struggle and strain that generates in our lives. In order to avoid such situations, we need to keep a close eye on balance – specifically, the Bank Balance! Financial stress is a killer, literally! Financial stability is what we all need.

financial stability

The problems with not being focused enough on money

There are many people these days that claim money to be the source of all evil. This simply isn’t true. The Nazi’s weren’t thinking about their private wealth when they did what they did. They could’ve moved to more prosperous countries if they were that way inclined. This is to say that evil exists independently of money.

Money can be used for great ill, as well as for great good. Money is the Great Facilitator. Without it, you will not be able to do much. Even if your aim in life is to live in a van, eating shrubs, you would still, sooner or later, need money. So it’s much smarter to develop a good relationship with it and learn to use it wisely.

financial stability

The problems with being focused too much on money

There are however those who focus far too much on money. These are the people that make money seem like the most evil thing under the sun. Because of their flawed relationship with money – prizing it above anything. These people will do anything in order to further their personal wealth, so nothing is off the cards. They’re dangerous people to know or have any dealings with whatsoever.

This begs the question of where these kinds of people are currently influencing your life? Do they own the companies you give custom to, do they write the legislation you are voting for? It is best to be as independent as possible from such people. Then you can avoid being treated as an opportunity, but also as a threat. If you’re going to have to face people like this, then so be it. But it’s best not to go looking for trouble.

financial stability

Striking the right balance for financial stability

If you don’t have enough money, you will become a burden to others. If you have too much, you’ll become competition for others. So what is the right amount of money? Everyone is different, but focusing on needs (not wants) brings us the right amount of money.

Signs that we need more money (but are somehow preventing it coming in) include constant stress about paying bills – obvious eh? Try not being so narrow in your thining about what work is acceptable to you. All work has value to someone. You may need a stepping stone in the short term to get you where you need to be. Drop the self righteousness – you’re only human, just like the rest of us.

Signs that you have taken too much money include feeling lost in relation to material matters (such as property maintenance) and/or relationships. Have you been given an inheritance that you are spending on a luxurious lifestyle? Do others do your housekeeping for you? Perhaps you have a large bank balance but feel very lonely, as you’ve no one to share it with?

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