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Reflective questions

  1. What was your greatest takeaway from the video?
  2. What’s the big shift you’re trying to make in your life right now?
  3. What’s blocking you from making that shift?

Dear reader,

My core focus is on supporting men to gain more meaning, purpose and value. It’s good for you and it’s good for everyone around you.

Since 2012 I’ve positively impacted the lives of over 1000 people, through the physical products I’ve offered and the coaching/consultancy services I’ve provided.

Here are the Top 5 problems that are impacting many men right now:

  • Struggling to feel like life has any meaning, becoming increasingly miserable, perhaps losing the will to live.
  • Not knowing what direction is right for them, ending up paralysed and going around in circles.
  • Constantly sabbotaging themselves with bad habits – porn, social media, food, alcohol, overworking etc…
  • Stressed to the hilt with the many competing demands they need to face yet lacking the clarity of thought to know what to change and how.
  • Painful relationships at home and work, but lacking the understanding of how to improve them or whether they are right in the first place.

The solution is simple… simplify your life, unleasing mental capacity and creativity to then identify what really matters to you.

I have helped over 100 men to simplify their lives and focus on creating more meaning, purpose and value.

If you would like to take the next step in your personal development, I can offer you a free 20 minute call, where I’ll support you to decide whether coaching/mentoring is right for you. If at the end of the call we wish to discuss working together further, we can do so.

But I don’t work with everyone. It’s not good for either of us if we’re not a good fit.

I want to give you as much value as I can in this Good Fit Call, whether we end up working together further or not.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and helping you to start creating something significant from your life.

David Schofield

Why am I doing this?

My Purpose In Action is to support Two Million Men to become the balanced, inter-dependent Patriarchs our society needs, enabling them to impact 300 million lives for the better. Without a large portion of strong and wise individuals, societies fall prey to destructive forces.

By offering these one off Good Fit Calls, I hope to find men who are ready to start changing their lives for the better. By focusing on how you can improve your life right now, you will be taking the first steps toward a much bigger purpose.

The problem many of us are facing is that the world is an increasingly complex and confusing place. It’s hard to know what the truth is, or who to trust. The leaders we have don’t seem to have a clue.

The solution is you! I’ve been able to help dozens of men just like you, to immediately apply simple and proven strategies, and go from feeling stuck, to overcoming their blockages and feeling deeply engaged in life once again.

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