Put Your Purpose In Action

Focus on the future, on creating a life that you can be proud of, get out there and make it happen!

Take effective Action

New levels of responsibility for health, money & home. Get your house in order!

Develop stronger bonds

Achieve greater balance and stay centred. Join a supportive networking of peers.


Gain mental Clarity & focus

Competence and confidence in knowledge & skills – gained by focusing the mind.

Leave a legacy

Identify and start pursuing a life worth remembering on your death bed.

David Schofield

A guide for the leaders of tomorrow

A highly skilled multi-industry performer, David’s experience spans tech, business and social/environmental endeavours. With core motivations to support the transition of society to more effective modes of operation, David supports all who desire to contribute with his broad experience and wisdom. Working with David is often challenging, inspiring and deeply transformational. If you’re ready to take it up a few octaves, you’re in the right place.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching has grown to be a hugely successful form of talking therapy, to the extent that it has helped turn people’s lives around. A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.

Who Is Coaching For?

So, Coaching is for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and for their lives. It’s for people who dare to dream, and are committed to take action to make their dreams a reality. Coaching is for people ready to invest in themselves so as to significantly improve their careers and their lives.

What Can you expect

Bringing together psychology, philosophy, social & traditional business, martial arts and much more, Purpose In Action is a new kind of school. We provide leading-edge personal development education that helps people create their best life among the fast changing conditions and exponentially increasing complexity of the world.

1. A free 20 minute informal chat<br />

In our first conversation we can discuss why you are interested in receiving life coaching and find out if we are a good fit.

2. Pre-Consultation Preparation

I will give you some exercises to complete and submit before our first consultation. This will support you in clarifying what you would like support with and will also allow me to get to know you more.

3. First Consultation (90 minutes)<br />

We will discuss some key areas of your life and observe where you could achieve greater alignment and balance. We’ll spend some time discussing you pre-consultation exercises and any insights you might have had. At the end of the session I will recommend simple processes, tasks, contemplative exercises or practical actions to focus on until our next session.

4. Subsequent consultations (30-60 minutes)

We will review any further insights, life changes, challenges or limitations since our first session. We will also discuss how you have progressed with the recommendations from the previous session and make adjustments accordingly. 


stabilise coaching

For those who need to get their head down with building strong foundations checking-in occasionally to ensure they’re on track.
More Details

Included is:

  1. Fortnightly 30 minute sessions with David

  2. Facility to check-in daily/weekly via WhatsApp

  3. BONUS (No charge): PIA Network

Purpose Coaching

For the more proactive man, benefiting from longer and more frequent check-ins to ensure they’re making the most their time.
More Details

In this more intensive approach to my support, we will sit together regularly to discuss what’s going on in your life. We’ll focus on the issues that are cuasing the most trouble and the opportunities that stand to bring you the most benefit. You will have access to me outside of these calls for us to ensure you remain on target, growing and developing significantly.

This package is however not for the faint-hearted, but for those who want to excel. I don’t pull my punches with mentees. This is the only way I’ve found to ensure you make the changes that are necessary. Though when I occasionally have to be tough with, it will be done from a place of compassion and ensuring your highest good is served. As long as you’re willing to learn, this package will work for you!

I will be working to equip you with the tools and knowledge to understand and apply the Purpose Roadmap. This exceptional tool – crafted over many years by me – will help you to the create of the life you were made for. Through this pathway you will be able to take greater responsibility for your own development, which then frees me up to focus on your long-term, greatest potential so that you move further ahead than you would be able to otherwise.

Included is: 

  1. Fortnightly 1 hour session with David

  2. Quarterly goals reviews

  3. Facility to check-in daily via WhatsApp

  4. Feedback on application of materials / produced work via email

  5. BONUS (No charge): PIA Network

About Me

I’m a straight talking, perceptive individual who has helped many people over the years. I’ve had the privilege of supporting colleagues whilst I was employed, employees whilst running businesses, volunteers whilst coordinating community projects and fellow students whilst studying martial arts.

My working experience spans many industries, sectors and roles, but always I found myself bringing a unique perspective and approach to these environments. This reached a tipping-point when I decided to break out on my own and start businesses and projects that I felt were in alignment with something deeper and more meaningful – more Purposeful.

This however was a tricky path to walk, as there were few pre-defined frameworks to aid in my decision-making. I had no one to help me understand whether I was going in the right direction or LOSING MY MIND (it can feel that way often). But over the years, entrepreneurship, fatherhood and the challenges of life have proven to be the greatest teachers – the initiators – I could hope for.

I now offer what I have learned to those who know they’re not living up to their potential, who feel that there’s something not quite right about their situation. I do this through guiding (coaching/mentoring), holding events and building community between my clients so they may provide one another with mutual support.


I worked with David through a particularly challenging period. If it weren't for his reflections and re-framing of my experience into something constructive, I would have easily felt like I was making little progress and reduced my efforts. But being held accountable has enabled me to remain committed to making substantial progress. I can now reflect that I have much improved health and a more secure home situation. I am also closer to running my own business than ever - through the variety of people I've met and events I've attended as a result of working with David. Thank you for your support, David.

Ian Altosaar Avatar
Ian Altosaar

David is a god send. He helped me to sort through the chaos of projects I was working on and set up my business to be more effective. Using some great cutting edge technologies and tried and tested methods of effectiveness, I felt well taken care of and have seen big positive progress and reduction of stress from Dave’s help.His pragmatic approach and advice on project management really helped me to get thing done. I would recommend anyone looking to get organized and effective with your lifestyle and business, do some work with Dave.

The Inner Game Shaeman Avatar
The Inner Game Shaeman

It's very rare that someone is able to help me see something differently. So it was much to my surprise when David did that. He introduced to me to some interesting ideas and people, helping me move forward personally and professionally. Thank you.

Charles Inman Avatar
Charles Inman

Years of Martial Arts Experience

Years of coaching Experience

Years as an entrpreneur

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