Seeing your business take off after you’ve put in the hard graft is extremely rewarding – but it does bring with it a bunch of daunting new challenges.  Then, of course, there are times when you feel you’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it and you’re still not getting the results you know your venture can achieve.  Whether you’re overwhelmed by the pressures of upscaling a changing business – or looking to strike the match that shoots your start-up into the stratosphere – Purpose in Action has you covered.

Trading Up is a consultancy service that’s been put together to optimise all aspects of your business – its effectiveness, efficiency and, of course, its profitability.  If you run a small to medium-sized business and you want to ratchet it up to its full potential, then this program is for you.

By engaging with this toolkit you’ll learn to manage your own time and that of any employees more productively.  You’ll develop stellar planning skills, refine your ability to communicate with staff and customers (so that everybody wins within your exchanges) and highlight simple but powerful technological solutions to streamline your business for optimal success.

In short – Trading Up will revolutionise your working life – meaning you’ll be able to apply more time, energy and focus to the extraordinary things outside of it.

Personal effectiveness

Helping you to do what you’re personally already doing, but better. For those who are overwhelmed with tasks / day to day duties / operations and for whatever reason need to retain control over everything they’re currently overseeing. The solution is to be more effective with their time and how they organise their tasks/projects.

Operational Effectiveness

Helping you to improve your people, processes and/or systems. For those who are overwhelmed with tasks / day to day duties / operations and have critical staff / processes / systems that are under-performing and limiting growth of the business. The solution is to analyse the current situation and design solutions that enable the business to function more effectively.

Strategic Effectiveness

Helping you to clarify the direction of your business. For those who are overwhelmed with tasks / day to day duties / operations, knowing you could be making better decisions, inspiring your team and moving forward more effectively if only you had a clear direction to orient yourself toward. The solution is to create a vision for the business which you can communicate to the team and from it create strategic objectives and plans to create more direction and momentum day to day.