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David Schofield

David Schofield

Founder & Visionary

Hi, I’m David – the designer and facilitator of Purpose in Action.  I’m a highly skilled multi-industry performer and Business Graduate – but my life really took off when I branched out on my own – spearheading a succession of projects addressing specific social and environmental issues.  Before long I had a stable, loving partner, a family to care for and a tremendously rewarding business supporting other men to make similar leaps in progress; but it didn’t come easily.

Growing up I felt that I often lacked guidance and structure – I wasn’t sure where my journey would take me, but I sensed that the pathways I was being offered were too restrictive to satisfy my yearning for Purpose.

Money, stability, the respect of your peers – these are all great things to have in your life – but I realised that without a deeper, richer, more intrinsic motivational force spurring me on, these gifts just fell flat.

I therefore felt no choice but to beat my own path towards success; and now I take the experience I’ve accrued along the way – as an entrepreneur, a facilitator, a martial artist and a father – and use it to inspire and inform others who feel as daunted as I did when I set out on my own adventure.

Teri Clayton

Teri Clayton

Programme Consultant

Teri spent her childhood waist deep in rivers, falling out of conker trees, galloping down main roads and sleeping on the stable floor with goslings and ducklings snuggled into her jacket. With a love of nature and a deep desire to support life to thrive, Teri set about a career to find cures for the incurable as an industrial Pharmacist, she soon realised this was not the route for her. After fifteen years working as a community Pharmacist, finding additional ways to support people with herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle changes, Teri stepped out on her own to support people in reducing the need for medication in the  first place.

After a while Teri realised that there was a huge piece of the wellbeing puzzle missing from our everyday lives – life is not evolving together. Our food and local environment are not evolving into increasing complexity, balance and harmony – but are going in the opposite direction. We are degrading our soils and reducing the opportunities for nature to evolve into greater complexity and harmony.

There is no better quality of life and wellbeing available for humans, than that afforded by living in harmony with nature. We need to evolve with nature, not go in a genetically modified, lab cultured alternative direction.

Simon Kershaw

Simon Kershaw

Youth Programme Facilitator

Simon Kershaw trained in Engineering (BA Oxon), International Affairs (MA KCL), and data security (CISSP). He has extensive experience working at the highest levels in both public and private sectors, where he developed skills in coaching and mentoring, and is passionate about helping people to discover and develop latent skills and talents and to use these to further their own development.

Simon has led teams which delivered complex major infrastructure projects, and he developed a keen interest in developing techniques to change the dynamic of a traditional confrontational approach to leadership and management into a genuinely cooperative one giving proven real savings in time, money and project performance.

Since 2016, Simon has been Director of his own company, offering consulting in life skills, leadership, Defence and Aerospace projects and data security.

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