Have an experienced mentor guide you and empower you to guide yourself

In this more intensive approach to my support, we will sit together regularly to discuss what’s going on in your life. We’ll focus on the issues that are cuasing the most trouble and the opportunities that stand to bring you the most benefit. You will have access to me outside of these calls for us to ensure you remain on target, growing and developing significantly.

This package is however not for the faint-hearted, but for those who want to excel. I don’t pull my punches with mentees. This is the only way I’ve found to ensure you make the changes that are necessary. Though when I occasionally have to be tough with, it will be done from a place of compassion and ensuring your highest good is served. As long as you’re willing to learn, this package will work for you!

I will be working to equip you with the tools and knowledge to understand and apply the Purpose Roadmap. This exceptional tool – crafted over many years by me – will help you to the create of the life you were made for. Through this pathway you will be able to take greater responsibility for your own development, which then frees me up to focus on your long-term, greatest potential so that you move further ahead than you would be able to otherwise.

Package Includes

Also includes the Purpose In Action Foundations Course & Community

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  • Finn Okewo Avatar
    Finn Okewo

    David is a god send. He helped me to sort through the chaos of projects I was working on and set up my business to be more effective. Using some great cutting edge technologies and tried and tested methods of effectiveness, I felt well taken care of and have seen big positive progress and reduction of stress from Dave’s help.His pragmatic approach and advice on project management really helped me to get thing done. I would recommend anyone looking to get organized and effective with your lifestyle and business, do some work with Dave.

    The Inner Game Shaeman Avatar
    The Inner Game Shaeman
  • During our session, something inside me clicked, and afterwards I felt quite different. Thank you, David.

    Paul Barker Avatar
    Paul Barker

    David's guidance has changed my life quite literally. He has a profound ability to make sense of life. Throughout my 38 years I have never had a sense of direction or self worth and within a matter of months he has helped me to realise my purpose in life and I feel unstoppable no matter whatever challenges life throws at me.

    Gavin Hughes Avatar
    Gavin Hughes
  • paresh parmar Avatar
    paresh parmar

    Working with David really helped me get free of a depressive malaise. It took him having a few strong words with me, but we got there in the end. Highly recommend working with David, but don't expect an easy ride.

    Selwyn Warren Avatar
    Selwyn Warren
  • David offers very authentic and down to earth guidance. He's helped me overcome many sticking points and revealed blind spots in a way that was both fourthright (😉) and understanding. Great at listening to your needs and imparting knowledge that best suites your own personal journey, in all areas of life.

    James Roper Avatar
    James Roper

    I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation. Onwards and upwards from here! Thanks everyone.

    Kevin Latham Avatar
    Kevin Latham
  • My life is changed since working with David. I came to him wanting business support but soon realised that I had some other work to do before that would be possible. My confidence is soaring as I am now in the position to support and lead people to improve their own lives. I've realised where my greater potential lies. Very exciting times! Thanks David

    Brett Gribble Avatar
    Brett Gribble