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Personal leadership training

Course materials to support you in becoming more effective

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Bringing together experience of leading within private business, the charity sector, community organisations, martial arts and in entrepreneurship, as well as masters level education around Leadership, you stand to gain greater awareness around your own leadership style, and how to organise your time and workload effectively to become as competent and effective in your days, weeks and years, as possible.

Life Purpose training

Course materials to support you in identifying and pursuing your unique life purpose

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The Purpose Roadmap has been painstakingly developed over many years, standing on the shoulders of philosophical and psychological giants in order to empower individuals to take their life and direction into their own hands. With this exceptional tool, you will have a life long companion that keeps on giving. The more you learn, the more you can learn and the results are exponential.

Private social media community

Private social media network hosting articles and discussion around some of the most important topics of our time.

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Social media creates problems – we’re either bombarded with the perspectives of ill informed people, or limited to only the perspectives that align with how we’re already thinking, and of course bombarded with advertising all the same. So we’ve created our own space. Somewhere where we can genuinely discuss a wide variety of important topics. Understanding this increasingly troubled world can be daunting, so we wanted to provide you with the resources to make informed choices for yourself and those around you.

Special interest groups

Special interest groups, meeting on WhatsApp and Zoom regularly, to get into the nitty gritty of the areas of life you’re most focused on.

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 We all have different skills and interests. So whether you’re making lifestyle changes, need a business network or some moral support (and much more), there are a variety of spaces at your disposal, co-ordinated and lead by the membership.

What can you expect from the leadership network?

Purpose In Action Leadership Network is an action-orientated self-study course and community that supports men to set goals, make plans to achieve them, take consistent action and push themselves to succeed. It is intended to help men looking to get clear on their direction and achieve their goals, with a particular interest in creating purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

About David

 I lacked guidance growing up. Sometimes it wasn’t available, other times I resentfully pushed it away. Either way, I rarely benefited from it. Later I realised the lack of maturity that had created within me and sought to redress the balance.

I went down a bunch of routes to gain the maturity I needed, starting businesses, co-ordinating community projects, training intensively in a variety of disciplines. But it only became increasingly apparent that there was a significant lack of mature male guidance in Western society.

I have been bringing people together to cure these ills – primarily within myself – over the past decade. What I learned from this experience is that there is a need for people to be sovereign within their own lives – thinking for themselves, owning their emotions, taking effective and productive action – yet also learning to appreciate, tolerate and celebrate the differences of others.

My vision is of a society of sovereign and co-operative individuals with men who are mature and balanced in their outlook, able to build and protect society in harmony with nature, so that all life can flourish.


Feta Pit Avatar
Feta Pit

Working with David has helped me to put things in perspective. He provides a viewpoint that is not found in the mainstreamand helps me in getting to the root of problems by finding out if the problem is external or coming about due to internal resistance.

Kevin Latham Avatar
Kevin Latham

I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation. Onwards and upwards from here! Thanks everyone.

Brett Gribble Avatar
Brett Gribble

My life is changed since working with David. I came to him wanting business support but soon realised that I had some other work to do before that would be possible. My confidence is soaring as I am now in the position to support and lead people to improve their own lives. I've realised where my greater potential lies. Very exciting times! Thanks David


IDentify your greatest potential. Assess where you are now. Make a plan to bridge the gap.

I’ve designed the Purpose Roadmap as a way to support people to begin identifying their unique strengths (and weaknesses) so they can point themselves in the most appropriate direction possible – in terms of work, love and life overall.

My work stands on the shoulders of giants – drawing on wisdom from the ancient Egyptians, through the Ancient Greeks and the torch bearers of the Western philosophical tradition from that point onward. 

 The Purpose Roadmap is free, but if you would like to follow up with a Breakthrough Session, we can dig into your results and give you solid guidance forward. Book a Quick Chat so we can decide if we’re a good fit to work together. 

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