My Purpose In Action

There’s a bigger picture for me in this work. I am a keen student of history and philosophy, giving me a strong awareness of cultural and ideological trends that play out in societies. This is helpful to clients as I can see when they are following their cultural conditioning and when they’re aligned with their authentic selves. But this awareness of how things were and what’s going wrong in the world presently also fills me with a higher purpose for this work.

We have for a long time (perhaps since WW1) lacked a significant presence of Elders in our society. Those who help us to resolve conflict and feel a sense of collective identity. Those who guide us into our individual identity so that we contribute to the whole, whilst providing us with opportunities and resources that remove barriers to our progress. Those people are few and far between these days. I certainly lacked them.

We need Elders. I aim to become one and in that endeavour I invite others along the same – yet uniquely their own – path. I draw on a depth and breadth of our ancestors’ wisdom in order to guide my clients. Most notably, the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who identified principles and Truths that are as relevant today as they were in their times.

I focus my efforts on men, as I recognised from my own life that there is a severe lack of good male guidance. This leaves a great deal of untapped human potential that could be used to tackle the troubles our world is currently facing. It’s a situation that is bad for everyone.

Men suffer because they don’t know who they are.

Women suffer because they have no support.

Children suffer because they lack masculine guidance.

We all suffer because weak men create weak societies that easily slide into the ever present threat of totalitarianism.

That last one may sound extreme, but that is how history has played out time and time again. Though we have new technology now, we are perhaps not any more socially or intellectually evolved than we were many thousands of years ago (some think we’re less evolved now).

You might not be interested in changing the world. That’s fine. But when you leverage your potential, you WILL change the world. Your personal development work is a service to the world. So get to it!

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