My Background

Formally, I’m a master’s qualified professional with (very) early work experience within a global tourism business for which my parents were senior managers.

At 16 I started training in the martial arts. I was highly focused on a career in IT. So I worked diligently, gaining my Bachelors, then a masters in Business Management, specialising in Leadership.

By the age of 25 and with more experience than most at that age, I decided employment wasn’t for me. I have been largely self-directed since then. I have started a variety of businesses and community projects aimed at improving social, environmental or economic conditions.

The first was Sustainable Housing – an urban experiment in sustainable living. That project spawned my first social enterprise – The Local Veg Box. Alongside these endeavours I was building my consultancy practice.

Throughout my early career and outside of work, I had a leaning toward coaching. So it was a natural progression for me from providing systems/process consultancy, to teaching systems/process skills, then expanding out to broader life and business management coaching.

I get a lot from this work. Witnessing the “a-ha” moments of my clients fills me with pride, especially when they go on to make significant positive changes to their work, relationships and with how they engage in the world more broadly.

Here’s what some of them have to say.

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