My Approach

Direct and honest

Many of your friends and family won’t tell you the truth for fear of hurting you or causing drama they don’t see as necessary. Perhaps that’s right – we don’t need to be under assault from all angles. But the coaching dynamic is different. If my clients are being less than they are capable of being right now, I let them know. If you can handle that – you will grow.


I have been there. Difficult relationships, family dramas, loss, setting up businesses, being a parent, looking for love, maintaining a marriage. I spent a long time not knowing where to turn for support or even if support was available. I understand what you’re going through and can show you what I have learned in order to move forward.


My greatest strength in life is insight. With a gift for seeing the truth in situations, as well as being knowledgable in a variety of fields, I’m able to provide exceptional guidance. It means you won’t get away with much. I certainly don’t… It’s my secret weapon for ensuring I move forward in the most sustainable way possible. It could be yours too.

How we'll engage with one another

We would have regular coaching sessions via telephone or Zoom. Between sessions you will have access to me via Signal – my private messaging service. You will also have access to an online learning platform where relevant course materials are stored. Beyond this there are ocassionally events and group activities that you are welcome to join should you wish to expand your network. You can find more information in my services.

Philosophical Underpinnings

My work takes huge influence from the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Those whose work forms the foundations of Western civlisation. If you’d like to learn more about the Purpose In Action Development Framework, click through.

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