To understand the goals of Purpose In Action Coaching, we can refer to the information gathered from their website. The primary goals appear to be:

  1. Guiding Men in Self-Discovery and Fulfillment: The service aims to help men embark on a journey of self-discovery, nurturing their growth as individuals and leaders in society.
  2. Personal and Professional Development: Emphasizing personal development, emotional intelligence, and societal contribution, indicating a focus on holistic growth in both personal and professional realms.
  3. Leadership Training: Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern insights, the coaching seems to have a strong emphasis on developing leadership skills and leaving a lasting legacy.
  4. Adaptability to Different Stages of Manhood: The coaching service is tailored to adapt to various stages of a man’s life, from foundational building in early stages to enlightenment in later stages.
  5. Transformative Impact: The goal is also to create a transformative impact on the lives of men, empowering them with clarity, direction, and purpose.
  6. Holistic Coaching Approach: The approach is holistic, addressing life’s challenges and opportunities, and is designed to discover clarity, build resilience, and redefine paths.

If we need more specific details about the company’s goals, especially regarding their business objectives (like growth targets, market expansion plans, specific audience segments they wish to target, etc.), we would need additional information, typically found in business plans, marketing strategies, or direct statements from the company’s leadership.

Given these specific business objectives for Purpose In Action’s “The Noble’s Path” program, we can outline the goals more precisely:

  1. Recruitment Target: Achieving a consistent recruitment of 3 new monthly subscribers for “The Noble’s Path” program. This steady growth is critical in the initial two years.
  2. Expansion through Internal Recruitment: Starting from the second year, the strategy involves recruiting 3 new coaches every six months from within the existing participant pool. This approach suggests a focus on leveraging the skills and experiences of those who have already been through the program.
  3. Exponential Growth Strategy: Each newly recruited coach is tasked with recruiting 3 new subscribers each month. This method aims to exponentially increase the number of subscribers as more coaches are onboarded.
  4. Subscription Pricing: The service is priced at £83.33 per quarter, which indicates a focus on providing a premium, yet accessible coaching experience.
  5. Building a Sustainable Coaching Community: By recruiting coaches from within the program, the goal seems to also be about creating a sustainable, self-reinforcing community of practitioners who are deeply aligned with the philosophy and methods of “The Noble’s Path”.
  6. Long-Term Growth and Scalability: The strategy reflects a long-term vision for growth and scalability of the program, suggesting an ambition to expand its reach and impact over time.

These goals combine a clear growth trajectory with a community-building approach, suggesting that Purpose In Action not only aims to expand its client base but also to create a robust, self-sustaining ecosystem of coaches and participants.

Market Analysis for one to one coaching offers:

  1. Industry Growth: The life coaching industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, with an expected global market value of $2.4 billion in 2022 and a growth rate of 19% per year. There are approximately 71,000 life coaches globally, indicating a growing market​
  2. Demand Trends: The demand for life coaches is increasing, with the industry expected to grow at about a 5.4% growth rate​​. This growth is reflected worldwide, with a 38% increase in the prevalence of coaching over eight years​
  3. Gender Dynamics in Coaching: Although most life coaches are women, male life coaches are more likely to have a business specialty or specific niche, which aligns with your business focus​​​
  4. Client Demographics: More than 50% of life coaching practitioners indicate that their primary clients are managers or executives​. This is relevant for your business, as it targets leadership and personal development.
  5. ROI and Impact: Coaching, especially in business contexts, shows a high return on investment (ROI). For instance, executive coaching in a Fortune 500 company resulted in a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits​​. Additionally, coaching led to improvements in job satisfaction and quality of work​
  6. Future Trends: The need for life vision and enhancement coaching is predicted to become more prevalent, with 63% of coaches agreeing on this trend​

Ideal Customer Persona for one to one coaching offers:

Given this market analysis, the ideal customer for Purpose In Action would likely be:

  • Gender and Age: Male, typically in the age range of 30-50 years.
  • Occupation: Occupying managerial or executive roles in their professional life.
  • Interests and Goals: Interested in personal and professional development, with a focus on leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and societal contribution.
  • Challenges: Facing challenges in balancing professional responsibilities with personal growth and seeking ways to enhance their impact in both domains.
  • Values: Values wisdom, courage, and societal betterment, resonating with the blend of ancient philosophical insights and modern leadership techniques.

Customer Avatar Description for one to one coaching offers:

Imagine a 40-year-old man, we’ll call him “John”. John is a mid-level manager in a corporate setting, ambitious and driven, yet feeling somewhat unfulfilled. He values wisdom and self-improvement and is always looking for ways to better himself and his impact on those around him. John is open to exploring new perspectives and is particularly drawn to a blend of time-tested wisdom and innovative leadership strategies. He seeks a coaching service that can offer him not just career advancement but also personal growth and a deeper sense of purpose in his life.