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Feeling like all of the many things in your life are getting on top of you. Not sure how to get it all in order? Then a 3 month life coaching course in personal effectiveness could be exactly what you need.

You would be provided with learning materials, guidance and support to build your foundations of good time, money and space management, then move on to workload management principles and technologies as well as setting solid goals.

You’ll end the process with a plan for your life, a system for managing yourself and the ability to get stuff done!

Passion & purpose mentoring

Feeling like there must be more to life than this? You’re probably right. Or perhaps you just need to be more grateful… Either way, regular conversations with someone who has been there and transformed life for the better could be the solution you’re looking for.

We would meet regularly to have challenging conversations about your life, what you’re doing wrong and what you can do to improve matters, cultivating self-awareness and taking bold action. Be prepared to become comfortable with discomfort.

You’ll end the process as a more self-reflective, honest and respectable man.

Patriarch’s Networking group

Feeling alone in the trenches and want the support of a group of fellows who are also working hard to improve themselves?

This is a place to develop understanding and find fellowship toward the aim of becoming a healthy masculine force in the world. We focus on business, relationships and much more.

This service is currently only available to my private clients and who have demonstrated a committment to their own learning.

For my definition of Patriarch, watch the Map to Personal Sovereignty video.

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Your Life Coach

Who is David and what does he do

David Schofield

David Schofield

Head Coach

Formally, a masters qualified business manager, with various qualifications spanning counselling, IT and martial arts, David is a coach & mentor for men seeking a way forward.

Motivated by a desire to relieve unnecessary suffering in people’s lives (particularly working lives), David guided, coached and mentored as an employee, employer, community-leader and martial artist, before establishing Purpose In Action Coaching & Mentoring in 2015.

David is a highly perceptive individual, capable of seeing the greatest potential of individuals and holding them accountable to that vision, helping his clients to uncover and tackle the blockages to it becoming fully realised.

Read more about David’s Approach & Background

The goal of life coaching

the ideal you will be working toward

The aim of my coaching is to improve our society, one person at a time. The ideal each of my clients are working toward is “personal sovereignty”. This means full control of our body, emotions, mind and soul. This is of course a big deal! But if you’re going to have a goal, it had better be a big one. All of the smaller goals of life – buying nice things, being respected, travel – can all be given greater relevance in relation to the high aim of Personal Sovereignty.

Learn more about personal sovereignty by reading my articles and My Purpose In Action

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