Purpose In Action Foundations

Become Effective for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy

The world is a tough place to navigate right now.  It’s difficult to orient ourselves when everything around us is changing so rapidly.  We often feel the desire to contribute something to address the challenges we perceive, but attempting to figure out how best to react can be paralysing.  Our response to this turmoil is simple, however – you become the Master of your own life – and then you can use your authority to impact the world.

The Life & Career Mastery Program tools young people to do just that – equipping them with the skills and self knowledge to live a Purposeful life – a life of valued and rewarding service.

Programme: Monday 9th August – Friday 1st October 2021

Location: Zoom

This programme is open to people aged 18 – 29, who wish to find a career direction or start a business that is meaningful and does some good in the world. You will be taught core life skills – organisational, communication, team working and leadership – and given support to improve your employability prospects, with the guidance of seasoned mentors and a cohort of fellow learners. There’s also a 6-12 months progression support if wanted.

This immersive programme is spread over 8 weeks with a 30 minute session each week, ran via Zoom (free app), brief daily check-ins via Signal (free app) and a one to one session at the beginning, middle and end of the programme with one of our coaches.

  • Module 1 – Getting set up and understanding the basics of human development
  • Module 2 – Money Management: reduce stress by making the most of your money and planning for your future
  • Module 3 – Space Management: improve your focus by getting rid of distractions and clutter
  • Module 4 – Time Management: prepare to join the 21st century “knowledge economy” by learning personal effectiveness skills

We will then be offering tailored 121 sessions with each young person who require further support with employability skills and to decide on a meaningful direction for their careers.

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