Client First: I put my client’s well-being first. Their growth and safety is my top priority.

Trust: What we discuss stays private, only shared if the law requires it or the client says it’s okay.

Honesty: I’m always open and honest, putting my client’s needs at the heart of what I do. The truth might not always feel good.

For Everyone: I coach all types of people, though I have a special focus on men’s issues because of my own experiences.

Know My Limits: If a client needs help I can’t give, I’ll suggest someone who can.

Always Learning: I am a student. I’m always updating my skills and knowledge to give the best coaching and be the best human being I can be.

Client’s Choice: I give advice, but clients make their own decisions. I respect that.

Clear Facts: I’m upfront about what I can do and what my experience is. No exaggerations.

Feedback Welcome: I’m always happy to hear how I can do better. Feedback helps me improve.