About Purpose In Action

Purpose In Action is an action-orientated life coaching business that supports men to set goals, make plans to achieve them, take consistent action and push themselves to succeed. It is intended to help men looking to get clear on their direction and achieve their goals. We provide one-to-one coaching, mentoring, group events and online programmes in the UK.

Our services are exclusively tailored to facilitate the development of greater levels of personal awareness, allowing you to come into greater alignment with discovering their own unique purpose and living it. What sets Purpose In Action apart is a specially developed system that empowers individuals to make significant changes and leaps in perception. You will also gain access to a private social media platform and I build connections between my clients so that your support network grows. You will find a community to nurture your goals, erase self-doubt, and help you keep moving forward.

If you have a vision but lack a clear plan, through genuine and no-holds-barred conversations and accountability alongside a set of tools – (the PIA toolkit) purpose in action, you will learn to create order, find clarity, and gain forward momentum as well as greater personal integrity.

I provide plenty of motivation so you stay focused and committed and take responsibility. If you’d like to live the life you’ve always wanted, please contact me for a free 20-minute call to discuss your needs, book in a 90-minute ‘breakthrough’ session, after which we will discuss ongoing work if we both feel that would be suitable. Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you.

About David

David P. Schofield is an inspired coach, consultant, facilitator and visionary leader who has been committed to forging his own path since his earliest days. After training to masters level, having held many roles across multiple sectors and industries, he shifted focus toward identifying and living authentically and in tune with his deepest integrity. This took the form of establishing various community organisations, small businesses, events and inspiring the transition toward more effective and efficient modes of operating – for individuals, communities and the systems that make up our society.

David’s studies and experience span traditional management and leadership, social enterprise, high performance working skills, martial arts training, studies of occult sciences, philosophy and much more.

He draws together this varied experience by providing one-to-one coaching, leadership consultancy, teaching martial arts classes and hosting transformational events.