About Purpose In Action

Purpose In Action is an action-orientated life coaching business that supports men to set goals, make plans to achieve them, take consistent action and push themselves to succeed. It is intended to help men looking to get clear on their direction and achieve their goals. We provide one-to-one coaching, mentoring, group events and online programmes in the UK.

Our services are exclusively tailored to facilitate the development of greater levels of personal awareness, allowing you to come into greater alignment with discovering your own unique purpose and living it. What sets Purpose In Action apart is a specially developed system that empowers individuals to make significant changes and leaps in perception. You will also gain access to a private social media platform and I build connections between my clients so that your support network grows. You will find a community to nurture your goals, erase self-doubt, and help you keep moving forward.

If you have a vision but lack a clear plan, through genuine and no-holds-barred conversations and accountability alongside a set of tools – (the PIA toolkit) with purpose in action you will learn to create order, find clarity, and gain forward momentum as well as greater personal integrity. 


Why do we focus exclusively on men?

Because men are a significant part of the cause, which means they’re also a significant part of the solution to the state of the world. As men, this is where we have greater experience.

Men have always been the protectors and builders of society.

When civilisations fall it is a consequence of the weakness of men, in the form of imbalance and immaturity.
When masculinity is excessive, greed and violence rule. When masculinity is deficient, complacency and cowardice rule.

Today we see both. While some men attempt to take unlimited amounts, raping the Earth of its resources, others stand by and let civil disorder rise up around them, impotent to challenge actively destructive forces.

Men have forgotten their sacred role to build and protect. We must once again be the protectors of all nature, which facilitates the continuation of our species (among others). We must once again build a society that creates a healthy balance of order, leaving room for the inevitable change inherent in life.

In order to do this, men must become strong once again. Physically capable, emotionally balanced, mentally sound and on purpose. Mature and balanced masculinity must thrive, tempered by (and tempering the lack of) mature and balanced femininity within and without. Men must remember the duties of advocating their culture, guiding those who come after, building community and stewarding resources so that there is a base line of stability from which society can continue to grow.

In short, in this increasingly infantilised society, we must become the elders that are sorely missing.

Our Purpose

Now it wouldn’t be correct for an organisation with a name like Purpose In Action to not have a clearly stated Purpose of its own, would it!

Our mission

…is to counter the infantilisation of British society by creating male elders who will protect culture, provide guidance, build community and steward resources.

Our vision

…is of a world built for creating wisdom. Through formal education, through work experience and through a mindset shift in how each individual approaches life.

How we plan to achieve the above

We will achieve the above by forcusing our efforts toward our three major outcomes, linked to our 

Personal sovereignty

providing educational opportunities to support men in becoming strong and stable within themselves and more capable of supporting their families and communities.

Committed Communities

creating opportunities for men to meet and share resources for the good of their families and communities.

Regenerative systems

supporting the development of regenerative systems by providing funding, employees and volunteers for the organisations who are building them.