The Innovator Archetype is one of nine types of individual.

The Innovator is all about in-itiation, in-spiration and in-citement. The beginings of anything worthwhile will start with The Innovator, but that is not to say that everything they start will be worthwhile. They are the conventional at-the-front leaders, but also the mad scientist, locked away for hours on end creating new things for the world to play with. They are not however, completers. That is the work of others.

The Innovator is at its best when it is able to run with ideas. It can be self-centred and egotistic. Neither bad if kept in good measure.

However, these traist can go too far. The Innovator can bully and bulldose others who are (or appear to be) threats to their progress. They may not always be aware that they are doing this, as they may actively reject such traits in others (which makes it even more difficult to see them in themselves). But it’s likely to be going on in subtle ways (at least subtle to their own perceptions). When an Innovator wants you out of the way, you’ll feel it!

Without these creatives, new ideas would seldom see the light of day. For they bring us all of the consumer goods and services that we enjoy in our society today. We could and should question whether this is a good thing, however.

Here’s a case for your consideration. Where the Innovator – upon discovering nuclear technology – would rush to the patents office and start influencing the energy industry, The Humanitarian (another of the Archeypes) would recognise the destructive potential of this technology and burn the lab notes. This is to say, that The Innovator is not wise. It’s a young soul.

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