Lacking motivation to change?

The only constant is change. Or as my engineering friends say, “change is a steady state”.

Have you heard that before? Let it sink in for a moment…

Everything is always always changing. What are the implications of this statement for your opinions? What are the implications of this statement for the ideas you have about how things are? What are the implications of this statement for how your life can go from here?

The thing about this realisation is that you can either embrace it and seek to navigate its implications, or change will be imposed on you anyway, but you’ll be less prepared to deal with it.

Ask the surfer who has neglected to keep up their practice, being wiped out time after time as their body doesn’t respond as they want it to.

Ask the business owner that ignores market trends in favour of doing what “feels good” to her, finding herself bankrupt soon after.

Ask the husband and father who ignores the complaints of his family, justifying his long hours at work as being in the interest of their long term future, only to find himself divorced and unable to contact his kids.

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To succeed in all of these cases require us to do what is necessary, what our conscience and intuition signal to us is the right course. We need to be present and aware to ourselves and our surroundings in order to tune into this often quiet voice. But when we go with what seems expedient and easier, the cost is often much higher.

Yes the RIGHT course of action is often more uncomfortable, less certain and though makes sense on a deep level it likely won’t be logical. Of course I should spend more time with my kids, but how the hell will I feed them if I’m not at work? Of course my work should be inspiring to me, but how can it be when I hate doing my tax return? Being committed to finding the answers is the only way to go here. It is the only way to proceed for long-term security, as we can draw on an awareness that is far superior and has a much longer view than our conscious mind.

So now the case has been made for change being something you should accept – right now – what about motivation?

Well what kind of life do you want to have?

Do you want to be the person who lets the state-sponsored 9-5 lifestyle entirely own them, or would you like to be an active participant in this wonderful creation you are surrounded by?

If there’s any hesitation in you about this, unsubscribe now, you will get nothing of value here…

Not that having a 9-5 is necessarily bad as a means to an end. But – in the vastest majority of cases (organisations, businesses, service providers) – we should see a job as being there to serve us, not the other way around. Of course you can find a way to genuinely do some good in your own unique way through a 9-5 job, despite what your employer and job description say, but that’s for another time.

There is one other place in society where it is acceptable for human beings to wear a collar and cuffs

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But to what end? Control of those people. It has been judged – by you – that they are not suitable to govern themselves and need to be controlled. You make the same judgement of yourself and submit yourself willingly to the control of others.

It’s easier to lock people up than step up and take responsibility for the fact that we are dangerous, destruction creatures. A less cowardly way would be to take charge of this most potent side of ourselves, for the good of everyone.

You see not only are you totally surrounded by nature at all times, but you are nature. With the all the beauty and harshness you see on Attenborough documentaries.

We are seeing an exponential slide toward automation and mechanisation, which would see our humanity be replaced by robotics and our bodies becoming merely heat generators for those machines…

Whoa whoa whoa! What?

China have already imposed severe restrictions (breeding stagnancy, the antonym of change) of freedom on members of its population who show less than perfect social conformity – no crossing without the green man folks… Those trends are not far from reaching us in the Western world either. If we continue down this path, not only do we have a 1984-esque world, but it can continue toward The Matrix.

That’s not conspiratorial and I don’t believe it’s an agenda set by an elite few. It is happening now and it is due to our tendency toward reductionist thinking and the search for making life easier and safer – laziness.

What are the benefits of us not feeling as safe as we do? Discuss…

Every time you choose to watch junk TV and eat junk food, you feed the wolf that would wrap you in cotton wool and tell you exactly what to do in every second of the day.

What’s the alternative?

Take responsibility for yourself… Oh yes, I’m banging on about it again. But why?

Please tell me it’s becoming a little more apparent to you by now? If it’s not, but you know there’s something important here, let’s talk. We’re talking about no less than the freedom of your children.

Again – not a conspiracy! Each and every one of us “consumers” are sending signals that we want tighter control of how we live, because we “can’t be arsed”. We don’t want to figure out how to create value that can make us an income, we don’t want to figure out how to manage difficult relationships and find love, we don’t want to maintain this exquisite avatar that we have – on average – 80 years with which to navigate this Earth.

All exacerbated by our chosen ignorance and hidden desire to seek pleasure and (often sexual) stimulation.

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Hmm… I’m really in the mood for condiments all of a sudden…

In reality, I expect the people who are reading this are at least a little more aware than most; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to digest most of what I write. It just wouldn’t go in. So good on you. But what will you do with that awareness?

It’s a tough old world out there. Being deluded by the idea that everything is great and happiness is the only thing that matters, makes life very easy…

Being able to accept that there’s good and bad in the world, seems to make life more difficult.

But being aware of the reality – whether you’re consciously forming these ideas or not – that life is also dark and full of horrors, definitely makes life a far more difficult thing to navigate.

But there’s the beauty in it! Playing on the easy setting doesn’t create much satisfaction when you reach the end. How boring to defeat the Big Boss on level one… We need to be playing on God Mode!

So why bother?

Well you can get to the end of your days, knowing that you could’ve done better, that you chose momentary – and probably not particularly satisfying – comforts.

Or you could look back with the peace of mind that you enacted your ability to lift humanity from its mire, even just a little bit. That you did your best. That in years to come, the imprint you left WILL have forged a path for greater work.

You have the opportunity to be the giant upon whose shoulders future generations stand. It may be a quiet thing. Like the potent – and illegal – herbal medicinal recipe that was secretly passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of years. Or the primary school teacher who consistently refused promotion in order to thoroughly prepare his students for the world.

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A note to self…

Big or small, these are nonetheless phenomenal acts of courage and compassion.

You are such a giant in the making. But you are also a pathetic, cowardly weasel. It’s up to you which part of you, you wish to encourage.

This is of course a note to self, but also to you, *|FNAME|*. I’m sure you’re aware of the many many people out there telling you what you want to hear, to make their lives easier in some way. I’m not one of them. Ultimately it doesn’t help you, nor the world.

So I commit – right now – to tell you the Truth.
As uncomfortable as it may be for both of us.
Whatever the consequences.
Because I choose to live courageously, authentically and with Purpose!
And in so doing, improve things for everyone, just a little bit each time.

On the other side of the discomfort Truth often brings, is something awe inspiring. Without Truth we live lives of quiet desperation. Do you know what I mean, *|FNAME|*?

I have the dedication I do for my work because I know the importance of it. If I don’t dedicate myself to this work, I feel it, viscerally. Light diminishes and gives way to endless darkness. Deep… But I expect some of you can relate. As I continue on, as I suggest you also do, practice makes perfect and life gets better, despite greater awareness of the challenges of reality.

There’s no other way I have found to deal with the reality I’m pointing out here, but to pick up a burden of sufficient weight, that it keeps us growing and learning and improving things just a little bit, consistently.

The end goal is to be enacting a unique purpose in the world that has never been seen before and never will be seen again. That Purpose is forged through the blood, sweat and tears shed in facing the challenges of life. The learning from which has far more utility if you are consciously engaging with life. Resented learning goes unharnessed…

Recognising how heart-breaking the reality of this world is, gives an impetus to take loving, remedial and preventative action, like no other motivational force I’ve found.

Stop being against yourself, against our society, against life. When you do that, you create more hate and destruction all around you. You add a greater burden to an already back-breaking load.

Stop being lazy. Your motivation isn’t about you. Change is happening, so get with the program. Your life can be about creating that little spark of Light for the world to see and know that there is some hope.

You are that hope.

Whatever comes next, I wish you well.

Best wishes,
David Schofield