1:1 Coaching

Are you keen to take your work and personal life to the next level, but don’t know where to begin?  Do you feel that you’re failing to capitalise on your true potential, but struggle to make the shifts required to activate it?  Do you know that life has more to offer than you’re currently being plated up, but just can’t figure out how to request a bigger helping?  If so, then 1:1 coaching with Purpose pioneer, David Schofield may be just what you’ve been looking for.

To be clear, collaborating with David in this way is often challenging – these interactions can fuel rapid change, but it isn’t for those seeking quick fixes.  Making the most of this time requires commitment and the desire to tackle issues that may have been willfully neglected – perhaps over the course of many years.  

In order to dig out these persistent blocks David has developed an encouraging, empathetic but uncompromising approach to mentorship that ensures that you’re always held to account.  Your time with Purpose in Action will not be a breeze, but under David’s wing you’ll learn to set ambitious goals, develop strategies to achieve them, arrive at game-changing realisations and cultivate an indomitable mindset; making you truly unstoppable.


  • Initial Goal Setting and on-boarding session to ensure we set the strongest frame for our work possible
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions (depending on your needs and preference), held via phone or teleconferencing
  • Email and SMS contact with your coach between sessions to ensure you remain on track
  • Access to self-study course materials, as they become relevant to you – including Time Management, Money Management, Personal Effectiveness, Life Planning & Goal Setting, The Purpose Roadmap
  • Regular group sessions for networking and learning about broader topics of relevant to you personally and professionally
Daniel Lenton

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Jean-Paul Pfluger

David has the skill to listen without judgement and during a time when my conversation reflected the chaos of my... read more

Simon Kershaw

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Feta Pit

Working with David has helped me to put things in perspective. He provides a viewpoint that is not found in... read more


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Selwyn Warren

Working with David really helped me get free of a depressive malaise. It took him having a few strong words... read more

Charles Inman

It's very rare that someone is able to help me see something differently. So it was much to my surprise... read more

Kevin Latham

I have been able to face and overcome some long standing fears that held me back from pursuing my vocation.... read more

Paul Barker

During our session, something inside me clicked, and afterwards I felt quite different. Thank you, David.