our purpose

Now, it wouldn’t be right for an organisation called Purpose In Action to operate without a clearly defined Purpose of its own, would it! So, here you have it – our reason to be…

our mission

…is to counter the infantilisation of British society by shaping a new generation of motivational ‘elders’ – informed, ambitious, emotionally-mature men who can guide others, bolster communities and steward the resources available to them.

our vision

… is of a world calibrated to nurture wisdom.  By championing formal education programs and facilitating productive, meaningful, self-defining work experience opportunities, we seek to revolutionise how individuals show up for life.

why just men?

Let’s not sugar-coat it – our planet is in a state right now.  No one group of people is responsible for this, but we can no longer hide from the reality that many of our brothers have dropped the ball.

Throughout history, men have always been the protectors and builders of society.  When we consider this common heritage,  it becomes clear that civilisations fall as a consequence of the weakness of men.  When our assertive masculine traits go unchecked, greed and violence rule.  When these muscles are permitted to atrophy, complacency and cowardice steal the show.

It’s easy to see both at work in the world today.  While some men insist on ravaging the earth – shoveling its finite resources into their already bulging coffers – others stand by and complain, doing nothing; lacking the steel to claim the resources that were always theirs to claim.

solution time

If men are the cause of so many of society’s ills, however, then we are also the solution to them. Men have forgotten their sacred duties – their calling and their Purpose – we must become protectors and builders once again if we are to shore up the crumbling walls of our culture and preserve the natural systems that we depend upon for our survival.

Only when we exhibit the strength to address our own limitations and the intuition to flow with nature’s currents can our collective predicament change.

our purpose in action

So, that’s all very well and good I hear you say, but how exactly might we go about grounding such lofty notions?  It’s one thing to have principles – embodying them is quite another.  Here at Purpose in Action, however, we put our time, energy and money where our mouth is – employing three keys to unlock the gates to progress and prosperity.  These three keys are:-


We facilitate unique educational opportunities for earnest men – enabling them to become strong and stable within themselves – so that they can, in turn, raise up the people that they care about.


We are consistently nurturing dynamic networks of individuals who collaborate to share resources – intellectual, emotional and physical – for the good of their families and the communities that they belong to.


We support the development of truly regenerative systems of production and distribution – systems that promote biodiversity as they provide for our needs.  To this end we offer funding, employees and volunteers to the organisations evolving these essential systems.

Ready for action?