The beginning of WW1 claimed hundreds of thousands of volunteer soldiers – the best of us. The philosophers, artists, inventors, industrialists and more.

Those who would have become our elders were decimated. Wisdom turned to dust.

Children lost their fathers
Communities lost leaders
The Country lost its character

Despite these men being dead before their time, while they were alive, they certainly lived! They lived, because they were willing to die for what they believed in.

This is not the case in our society today. Fear of death is the soup of the day.

But it needn’t be this way. We can choose another fate. We can choose to be alive, like our ancestors, whose final lessons in the poppy fields of Northern France can still be heard today, if we tune in.

Be willing to die, but not needlessly. When people are reduced to statistics and are morally pressurised by government, things don’t end well.

Be willing to die for a cause. But don’t die for someone else’s. Don’t allow those with power to puppeteer you into doing their bidding. Recognise where your unique contribution can be made and make it.

Rise above the hype of the media. Ask questions. Step back and reflect when you’re feeling strong emotions. Think for yourself. Take responsibility. Do your duty. Be wise.

The following generations have thusfar failed to become comparably robust as those who died on the Somme.

Britain needs its elders back. Become one.

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