We can all have the life we set ourselves to. But it has to be the right life. One way we know whether it’s the right life is by getting to know ourselves. By watching how we think and behave and by asking “why?”. We can draw on the feedback of others who will be able to see into our blind spots also. Another way is to pay attention to the more subtle signs life gives us. More on that in a moment.

But most people don’t mature to this level of understanding. They set goals like “I’m going to be a millionaire” (whiney, immature voice). You may have done that, I certainly did, or you may still be, in which case it’s time to grow up.

Again, you can have the best possible life. But it has to be your own.

The problem with this flimsy, surface level goal setting is that it is grounded in nothing, but – at best – masculine Will. The masculine part of us says “I’m doing this, I’m going to make it happen!” But it doesn’t work from this immature place, not without causing problems anyway. You become so fixated on the goal, that you’re willing to break the law, let friends and family down or otherwise go out of integrity to make it happen. Which leaves a mark – we feel it when we do this and it haunts us. The furthest extent that we see this immature masculinity taken to is in the huge corporations who tear up the Earth for precious resources, who manipulate financial markets at the expense of ordinary people etc etc. You know the story. But by doing the whiny “I’m gonna be a millionaire” thing, you’re contributing to that exact problem.

This is all NOT to say that masculine Will cannot be harnessed for Good. Indeed, it has happened many times throughout history. I doubt we would have such a stable and safe society (relatively speaking) if it had not. But IT does not come first. It comes second. First we must be – dare I say it – more feminine. Receiving the information, wisdom, insight as to the correct direction. Then, and often not at a time of our choosing, the planets seem to align. “THIS WAY!” There’s no other options from this place. It’s not weak and flapping about on the surface, trying to make us feel better about ourselves or satiating some greedy hate of others. It’s Good and it Knows what is Right.

Some call this force, God. But whatever it is, it’s real and we all have access to it. But we must become better listeners in order to receive the best mission briefing going!